Executive Office of the President

Increase implementation of quality SAVE Award ideas annually

What good is asking Federal employees for their ideas if only a handful will be implemented?


Respectfully, I suggest that significantly more of the ideas submitted to the SAVE Award site be seriously considered, evaluated, and implemented annually. The SAVE Award homepage reports that over 56,000 ideas have been submitted by Federal employees during the past two years - likely while on government time - yet only dozens have been included in the President’s Budget, specifically in the Terminations, Reductions, and Savings (TRS) volume. Upon reviewing the TRS volume, I was disheartened to find that only 19 ideas were included in the FY2012 volume.


I wonder if the processes for submitting, evaluating, and selecting SAVE ideas should be revised. Of course increasing the number of ideas is pointless if there aren't enough unique, logical, high-quality, and technically feasible ideas to be implemented. However, I suspect that there really were more than just 19 great ones that could have been implemented in FY2012.


It is true - The best ideas usually come from the front lines, so let's use more of them.


I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to contribute my idea.



Idea No. 2420