Department of Defense

Increase efficiency by reducing Overhead positions

As a fee for service organization in the Navy our jobs depend on a sponsor or customer who chooses us to provide products and services for their organizations. A recent reorganization displaced some employees by removing their position and displaced others who because no one wants to work with them due to various reasons. An overhead funded group called “Home Room” was created for them until they find work. It is an embarrassment for them and our organization. Now these employees sit at their desks and do whatever they like until they find a job within our organization or retire. I suggest we give them a job that needs to be performed even if it is at a lower position than they get paid for. This will increase our efficiency and get needed work completed. Suggest we remove the overhead funded Time Out group and put these people to work. A personality issue is no reason to not work for a living and get paid.



Idea No. 5941