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Department of Homeland Security

Increase Efficiency; Reduce Waste; Protect Environment

I feel in this age of technology and emerging administrative and office functions we can reduce waste and become increasingly efficient without a huge monetary demand.


I suggest that all Federal agencies revamp administrative and managerial practices to include Microsoft Sharepoint as the backbone for this efficient and cost effective and environmentally friendly initiative.


The Microsoft Office Sharepoint intranet/internet software platform will allow an drastic decrease in paper usage; increase efficiency and by at least 50%; and reduce the strain on our environmental resources.


The Sharepoint platform can allow parent agencies and lower echelon subagencies to create their own respective portals and provide information throughout the construct.

It allows for management and tracking of documents, assignment of tasks and real time calloboration. Such things as KPI's and news feeds allow for real time information dissemination, without even using one peice of paper.

Secure and non secure mirrored sites can be produced. Instead of huge email files only a link may be shared. Permissions and content access may be intitiated as well.


MS Sharepoint is being used in DOD US ARMY application overseas during OIF/OEF tours and has been a great digital asset to administrative practices. it is currently being used by several DHS ICE assets but no to the full potential.


It should be institued for all federal agencies; this type of commitment will reduce millions of dollars in paper purchases and increase efficiency making tax pauyers dollars go farther. It allows agencies to do more with less burden.


The benefits of MS Sharepoint are only limited by the imagination of the user or agency!



Idea No. 3578