EXOP - Office of Management and Budget

Include "Cost Savings" Statement on all Federal Appraisal Forms

All Federal & DOD employees and Military Personnel receive appraisals during each year at rating periods. Review all current forms. Revise or add new short statement on "Cost Savings" activites or results that civilians and military are contributing to. For example: USAF Enlisted Performance Report form shows: Block 4: Resource Management & Decision Making: A small line under it shows: "Consider Efficiency, Judgment, Setting and Meeting Goals (Limit to 2 lines); I propose adding "Consider efficiency, Cost Reductions, Judgment, etc... Doing this similiar action to all CIV and MIL appraisal forms, for both Enlisted and Officers, can result in the entire Federal government / Defense Dept showing that efforts are being made to engage all personnel in actions to reduce costs and note their accomplishments on annual performance reports. The current appraisal forms may not highlight the key words to remind reviewers of this important action - trying to being Fiscally Responsible with USA taxpayers dollars. Making this standardized change on all appraisal forms can eventually get the entire Federal Government working toward common objective.



Idea No. 16774