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Incentivize Long-time Government Employees to Leave Service

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Everybody is “blame-storming” civil service costs for all the financial ills of the country today. Numerous politicians want to “downsize” government workers. The way to do this is to incentivize them to leave. Retirees are less of a burden on “the system” than full-salary workers. Tens of thousands of workers WANT to retire ASAP but cannot due to existing, long-standing, over-bearing rules of VERA/VSIP. Several options: 1. Allow retirement similar to military – full benefits for anyone with over 25 years of creditable service; 2. Allow this retirement to occur with no percentage penalties or decreases for “early” (age) retirements; 3. Increase the financial incentives from $25K to ½ year’s salary; 4. Do not allow “social security offsets”; 5. Once retired, annuitants CANNOT return – either as civil service or as any sort of CONTRACTOR (make them sign a contract); 6. Incentivize them with re-education benefits similar to VA (retraining); Or develop some other palatable formula(s) that will make it worth their while to leave IMMEDIATELY. More than likely, a great portion of these retirees will get some other job – thereby INCREASING the tax base. New blood, younger folks will get hired on at a fraction of the retirement rate and at a lower salary level. This plan will generate tax revenues while saving funds by not having to pay full civil service salaries to the retirees or the new-hires.

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