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Incentives for Saving

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Every time a government employee has to travel on official duty we are forced to use SATO or some other agency designated travel service to purchase our mode of travel & lodging. I have in my possession a copy of a travel confirmation in which the airline ticket cost the taxpayers $1881.80. This ticket could have been purchased for approximately $1000.00 less online without going through SATO. When you add up all the agencies & all their travel needs this is astronomical! In addition, much of travel is needless. Our agency has video equiptment that is used to hold hearings in other states & towns that can be used for management conferences & the like, eliminating the expense of travel, lodging & per diem. We also have Interactive Video equiptment with live training & keypads to signal the trainer when we have questions. Why not make the most of equiptment & expand on creative ideas for its usage? Agencies all over could be given incentives for saving money to help boost employee morale. Jotting notes on scrap paper when you don't really need a post it note, turning off unneeded lights, maybe even recycling cans to add money to the coffee or sunshine fund. We need to find ways to get employees to get excited about saving ideas & help them to have just a little more hope in these frightening economic times. I am just one person in one office in one agency & already two of us are the sole means of income as our spouses have been laid off & their unemployment exhausted. I am grateful to be a civil servant having come all the way from being a single homeless mother. I now have my own small home, a decent ride, the pride of having two sons who served in the military to earn their college degrees & my first grandchild on the way. I sincerely hope we can find ways of cutting spending without having all the little struggling people tighten their belts any more.

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