General Services Administration


Providing each employee with a small portion of the money their agency saved will drastically change the way they spend. Sort of a bonus for not wasting, and available to all federal employees, supervisors, and office holders. Many agencies already have bonus funds. Maybe we could add 20% of their savings to the bonus pot.


Currently federal employees actually have an incentive to spend. The average federal employee’s attitude is to spend everything we’ve got so we don’t lose it. I strongly believe the incentive to wastefully spend money plays a major role in our nation’s debt.


We need to create an incentive to save. One that will reach every federal employee on a personal level and one that will trigger a massive reduction in unnecessary spending.


This also creates a simple way to reduce unnecessary spending verses “cutting budgets.” Limit this savings bonus to items of luxury such as office supplies, furniture, and travel. This way our mission is still reached but employees will purchase things for themselves at work as they would at home.


The only way to ensure employees care for the taxpayer dollar as much as their own is to create the personal incentive to do so.

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