Department of the Treasury

Improving Teamwork Efficiency

My coworkers and I always work in teams of 2 or 3. However, our office space consists of individual cubicles and only one conference room. In order to complete documents essential to our work, we spend an exorbitant amount of time emailing back and forth with our changes incorporated. This process can take weeks and sometimes months. Once we finally complete a document, we begin the process all over again with our managers and superiors. The inefficiency of this process often leads to the completion of our goals well after the information is relevant (in some cases, YEARS after the fact). Due to this inefficient process, our agency and its mission suffers as a whole.


I suggest that agencies whose employees spend most or all of their time working in teams move towards creating or renting office space with more modern group space (small conference rooms, fitting 4-5 individuals) and less cubicles. I would suggest outfitting the group space with a conference table, phone, projector and white board. This would allow the teams to brainstorm, create and edit documents in real time, and make teleconference calls together. We would also be able to have net meetings with our superiors located in other cities. Working face to face as a team could also increase morale and camaraderie among co-workers. I realize that the initial set-up cost may seem daunting but we would save money in the long run through maximizing our time and cranking out our work much more quickly.


Most importantly, the use of group office space would increase overall efficiency of our agency and allow us to reach our goals on time (and maybe even early) every year. Our agency and its mission could go from suffering to overachieving!



Idea No. 15272