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Improved time and attendance systems through cooperation

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The NRC has been using time and labor software that is cumbersome and outdated, PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System (HRMS). In 2004 the NRC initiated a study to improve the time and labor system. In 2007 the NRC started the process to update the time and labor software, which is still in progress with over one year in delays due to performance issues. In 2001 NASA worked to create an incredibly good piece of time and attendance software Web-Based Time and Attendance System (WebTADS) that appears to have been well received by its employees since its first use in 2003. Yet other agencies, like the NRC, are unaware of this piece of software that could be adapted for its own use without reinventing the wheel.


Specifically, I believe WebTADS should be evaluated across all government agencies for time and attendance use. In general, I do not believe there is enough interagency communication when it comes to problem solving. One agency may have a gone through the process of solving a specific problem and come up with a great solution, while another agency may be completely unaware of the potential solutions that are already available for the same problem it is trying to solve.

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