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Improve utilization of staff, increase productivity, and

Many federal agencies are wrought with fraud, waste, or abuse easily recognized by staff. Think "elephant in the room". Why not detail current staff members within each of the agencies at each facility who have limited duty secondary to health, disabilities, burn-out, or who are biding their time till retirement to newly created positions to investigate, gather data and/or write reports for the appropriate entities such as the OIG for further action. They are on the payroll anyway, underperforming and not feeling very valued while holding onto positions currently unable to be filled by those with higher output. Implementing this strategy has the potential to decrease fraud, waste and abuse while improving productivity and job satisfaction. It provides an even "safer" method of reporting. Staff do not step forward to report such things out of fear despite the 'anonymity' provisions currently in place. It would become the 'job description' of those staff. It would have to have an opt-out provision for those not wanting the task, but it's something to consider. This could be benefit all federal agencies not just the VA.



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