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EXOP - Office of Management and Budget

Improve travel efficiency via comprehensive alternative comps

Travel system should provide comprehensive alternatives - just enter where you are and where you need to be.

The minor costs can really add up.

Automatically suggest the best options with a few selectors or options.


Help find:


If an alternate airport and rental car (including taxes, fees and parking) would be cheaper than an airport hotel and taxi. (This information is available in travel guides, but takes a lot of research to make the best choices.)


Include public transit choices (most major ones have a trip planner, at least link to these, if not tie-in for comprehensive cost evaluation)


If a longer route is worth the expense of staff time spent in transit. (use my pay rate and cost of benefits/hr to help make smart decisions)


Hotels which meet actual traveler needs, not the ones that have preferred status because they price at the max fed rate. (Sometimes, even a campground is most suitable for my needs)


What is the cost of flying s driving to that meeting? Is someone else going the same place at the same time? Does that change the value proposition if we ride-share?



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