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Improve manpower staffing, morale & save money

My idea is...To improve on the use of sick leave and how to make it a positive and reduce the use of sick leave. Using sick leave within TSA has been a negative item for many years. We need to make sick leave a positive. The fact the sick leave is now saved up until the officers retire and then it is added to your retirement date. Not all officers think about retirement so many years in the future. Saving time to have at the end is not that positive. Most officers like the fact the extra money is a positive feeling. My idea for making sick leave a positive is this. On one of my last careers working as a civil servant they gave us our sick time at the beginning of each year. In January we received a bank of 96 hours of sick time to use. Each year that sick balance was added another 96 hours.

When the employees balance added up to 800 hours of sick time the next January half of the 96 hours (48 hours) would be given to the employee as cash. The balance of other half 48 hours was disregarded. This positive look at sick time use gave each employee one week approximately of salary, like a bonus at the beginning of each year. I was surprised at how many employees didn't use sick leave to make sure that received the full 48 hours in a check each January. Extra time at the end of a career is nice but the money is a better motivator for our officers to save those sick time hours and get that bonus check each January. The benefits of this improvement would be more officers at work each day. Sick leave costs tens of thousands of dollars each year in lost work hours. Staffing suffers each shift when officers are not at work. The security level could be reduced, the morale of officers is weakened, and the effectiveness of a shift is degraded when too many officers are out sick. Staffing, morale, and productivity are the first pluses of my idea.

Very Respectfully yours, STSO Bruce R Johnson, DHS/ TSA ONT airport Ontario, CA



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