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Department of Veterans Affairs

Improve Frequency of Annual Trainings

I suggest that the TMS system be modified to make it so annual training due dates don't move up each time the training is taken. At this time, VA employees receive a reminder to take their training around 2 months prior to its due date. If the training is taken at that time, the due date for the next year is moved up. Therefore, trainings are taken every 10 months instead of the intended "annual" or 12 months. Alternatively, employees put off taking the trianing until the due date and this leads to employees becoming delinquent for various reasons including system downtime when they do try to take the training. I propose that the training becomes available to take 1-2 months ahead of its due date, but when it's completed the due date stays the same for the next year. This would make the trainings truly "annual" or 12 month trainings. I would imagine this would save the government quite a bit of money because we're likely paying to have employees taking trainings every 10-11 months instead of every 12 months.



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