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Impose electronically monitored and enforced limits on printing

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All employees should have a preset limit of pages they can print per week. This should be electronically monitored and enforced.


For example, an employee is permitted 100 pages per week. After printing 2 pages, they are prompted that they only have 98 and so on. When they reach 0, they can no longer print. The number resets the following week.


Many universities already use this system to cut back on printing costs. The result, for most, was online submission of research papers. (which is very, very similar to what we should be trying to achieve)


The point is not to penalize, but rather to force employees out of their"printing addicition" where they feel they need to print, just because.


"Paperless" will save the government billions --- however, it will never be possible so long as Joe Q. Government is preprogrammed to just print everything out.

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