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Import Tax or Tariff Schedule Change

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The United States have some of the lowest tariff rates of any country in the world, and obviously so, because we have become a consumer nation and not as much of a producer nation, which is a whole other issue.


Raise the import taxes by 2%, 1% or even a fraction of a percentage, and it would be a significantly increase the revenue, and would not prevent large corporations from importing, and manufacturing items overseas.


QUIT SUPPORTING CHINA!!!, who intern supports North Korea, who we are technically still at "war" with.


If the Government has such a problem with China's human rights policy (Communism), then raise taxes on items manufactured in china and lower rates on items manufactured and imported from another country that supports our democracy and strives to provide the same civil liberties that we do.


America loves helping less fortunate countries, we have soooo many tax exemptions for developing nations, why not change the import taxes to force companies to go help those developing nations by bringing business and money to those countries. Cuba, and North Korea are communist, and we have embargoes with those countries, but not China.

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