Department of Transportation

Implement a parking cashout program nationally

A cash benefit in lieu of free parking or other valuable transportation benefits should be offered. The Federal government owns a lot of property, and a lot of that property is devoted to car parking. The most efficient way to utilize that space is to have individuals recognize the cost of their actions on that space. By offering Federal employees and others who park at Federal facilities cash in lieu of "free" parking, they will likely consider alternatives such as transit, cycling, walking and carpooling, reducing their costs while at the same time reducing the need to provide enormous amounts of space for parking. Further efficiency is created by reducing oil and gas consumption, lowering the Federal government's carbon footprint. In time, the amount of parking can be reduced, opening up opportunities for the Federal government to put that real estate to better use or sell it, generating additional revenue. The best part about it is that it can be made to be revenue neutral to Federal and non-Federal staff while also implementing free market principles into our transportation policy. It's really a win-win-win for the Federal government, Federal staff AND the taxpayer.

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