Department of Defense

Implement Enterprise Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Implement enterprise VDI solution such as Citrix XenDesktop or VMWare View. This will:

1. Move sensitive data off the PC and back into the secure data center

2. Reduce power consumption by replacing power hungry PC's with zero clients

3. Eliminate need for EUD refresh every three years - moves EUD refresh to 7-10 year mark (plus, zero clients are a third of the price of PC's)

4. Virtualize application delivery in order to implement a no-cost desktop OS like Linux instead of Windows (eliminate desktop OS license cost)

5. Reduce administrative support burden (I.E. touch labor)

VDI projects are already underway in many agencies, but there needs to be an enterprise effort in order for these separate efforts to actually realize any efficiencies



Idea No. 5215