Department of Veterans Affairs

Implement BVAMC Beneficiary Travel Tool Nationally

Early in July I developed a beneficiary travel tool to expedite a task for myself and a colleague in calculating copious amounts of information on Beneficiary Travel mileage. Upon utilizing this tool, it became evident this simple tool could be used by other VA staff to more accurately complete beneficiary travel vouchers. The tool is a simple web based interface that tells the mileage between a Veteran’s residency and VA facilities nearby. It then calculates the cost to those VA’s using the beneficiary travel payment formula. Another part of the current interface is a place to look through clinic and available services using the VISN clinic inventory. The Birmingham VAMC and CBOC staff is now using the tool. It is expected to save Birmingham VAMC $600,000.00+ a year cutting down waste, helping prevent fraud, and save in man-hours. Nationally that would be a saving of over $53,000,000.00+. This tool would mainly be used by clerks for proper preparation of travel vouchers, but also can be used by doctors and other healthcare professionals in making more convenient, and cost effective referrals for our Nations Veterans.

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