Department of Homeland Security

Immigration Services Fees

We are waisting manpower and resources by manually taking fees at each Immigration Office. USCIS is making forms electronic for processing, and the fees must be the same. The applicant should apply and pay the fees at the website by adding the secure pay site. This would save (at a minimum) on personnel (5), resources (paper/processing, training, machines & purchase and maintenance per USCIS Field Office. This eliminates the money security issue. The process now takes the person coming into an office, getting a ticket from the receptionist, going into the Information area waiting for cashier, who has a supervisor and logs on to two system to get this accomplished. At the end of the day, the supervisor has to review and sign the monies; another area gets involved to verify what was taken and submit the deposit who also has another supervisor sending the documents to Hqs Washington DC. So far 5 people are involved to take and process the fees of one application. Needless to say the "SAVINGS" on personnel and resources to include at headquarters, again, verifying what was taken and the documents with a memo each time we do not take fees. This memo action is performed on any weekend, holiday or a day without fees transaction. The front counter are for customer service which can be performed without having this fees task that take away from personnel assisting the customers that is one of our main pillars.

One Stop Application Website!

This has been done with private companies where I had the experience to work with a mix functional, IT, and private companies who would review the process and transformation to sell their business. It can even be 100% contracted out to a bank to handle the payments and accountabilities. All USCIS needs to see (electronically) is the receipt that someone paid an then CIS processes the application.



Idea No. 10951