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Department of Homeland Security

If You See Something/Text Something

I had an idea that we should have a easy way for the public, young and old, to participate and utilize their ears and eyes and cell phones in the battle of terrorism, TEXTING. When a passenger sees an abandoned bag or something untoward in the terminals or restrooms or someone acting strange, they could text their concern.


I suggest a local number, publicly displayed in each terminal, that would be the number to text a concern. It would identify what area of the airport that the text comes from.


The texts can be sent to a local database and monitored on-line as part of our on going campaign against terrorism. If the text is deemed a concern or a serious threat to the public, then a BDO or a Playbook officer could be dispatched to investigate it.


I feel this is something that would engage the public in a way that would make them an active part of the agency and to participate in keeping our country safe. In essence, the public would be our ears and eyes because TSA officers cannot be everywhere all the time.



Idea No. 1908