Federal Trade Commission

Identity Theft

There has got to be a linked up connection with Social Security and FTC, live. When identity theives take someone's ssn, there has got to be a live alert connected to the social security numbers such as a passcode, they can call in and block access to their number being used for anything from the point of losing their number/card/or victim of a crime. There also needs to be a connection to defferientiate which numbers are bogus and used by someone else. It will save millions in fraud from credit card fraud to inter departmental fraud. Especially if the people are dead and they can just go to the library access records of dead people, children and/or recreate themselves or petition the courts for a name change. How do we know if a person has 50 aliases? We don't there is a loop hole there. We need to finger print the SSN cards. That will stop all the nonesense. Also, We have got to start charging people for replacement social security cards if requested within a period of time. That will also cut back on administration fees, and cover the cost of finger printing and save in mailing cards out, and again identity theft, it will save and give back to the department. Thank you for your time.



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