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ID - Why my SSN?

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Why do you need my Social Security Number for everything and why should that serves as my unique identifier?! Invent a new id number for everyday use or allow me to be creative and make up my own. That way the SSN can be just used for financial purposes-if that was the original intention!!


SSN and credit history can be bed-mates but why drag my patient id and the student id into it?


Lately I have to provide my SSN: to fill applications online, the sign in forms at the doctor's office, the kid's 5 colleges /safety school applications, the optometrist- they all want my SSN to uniquely identify me! This is after I volunteered my date of birth, driver's license, street address and credit card number information. By then my SSN becomes uniquely a non-identifier. I have no control to keep it unique!


Even if I did not get the due treatment to cure me, or the kid not make it into all the five schools, the optometrist gave me a hearing aid; my social security number must still be still floating around and so this has instilled in me - the new identity theft paranoia.


So now I pay $120.00 to 'freeze my credit' so as to practise 'identity theft protection' and did I mention that I pay for my teenager's credit protection too? And there is this 'scrub your SSN info online' option I am looking into!


I can only have one set of parents and grandparents names. The banks and all the ex-spouses have that info too.


Uni-que secret tag anyone?

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