Department of Veterans Affairs

I just wasted an hour looking for the submission I put in!

I just wasted an hour looking for the submission that I input several days ago because there is no search system to recall your message. I even used the keyword search. While looking through the pages, I saw hundreds of similar ideas. Instead of having that many ideas with a few “likes” If the site had a way to catalog similar ideas by keyword, the time wasted searching would be reduced, and a better count of feedback and “likes” would be seen. Is anyone really going to look through the 14,910 and rising submissions and get an accurate count? That is highly unlikely. This is typical of government waste. Hurry up the implementation of an idea, and then fix it later. Does anyone remember, “measure twice, and cut once”? A few minuets longer spent on adding a search engine to the site would have saved the government $20.00 just on me alone. How many others are wasting time and money looking for submissions here?

I agree to have my idea, not my name or information, posted online. YES


Idea No. 14851