Department of the Interior

How often have you had trouble finding the optimal meeting room?

How many times have you wanted to find the optimal meeting room, only to find out later that there was a room available on another floor or in another building that you didn't even know about!


That no longer has to be a problem. With a simple project and agreement amongst offices, Outlook can be used to share resources amongst all offices, units, etc.


No longer will we waste dollars with empty meeting rooms being unused because they are unavailable for scheduling. No longer will we cram ourselves into meeting rooms that are too small for the number of people we have, or drag portable projectors around when there's a room available that has a built-in projector and screen.


This is another idea that would pay immediate dividends for all agencies that adopt and implement the idea. Resource sharing is also a simple yet crucial way to increase trust and collaboration within an agency. It helps break down physical and cultural barriers.

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