Department of the Interior

How often has scheduling a meeting taken more than 5 mins?

How often has it take you multiple tries and reschedules to get a meeting set up because not everyone uses or keeps their electronic Outlook calendar up to date? This can turn what should be a simple five-minute process into an ordeal that takes multiple tries and 20 minutes or more of hassle!


Scheduling a meeting with multiple people should take no longer than 5 minutes if everyone has their calendar up to date. Too often there aren't policies in place to require use of Outlook calendars for time and resource scheduling. This wastes millions of dollars and minutes each year.


All employees should be required to know how to use and use Outlook via training, policy, and management expectations. This is simple, straight forward, easy to train on and implement, and would achieve immediate dividends for all agencies implementing the idea.

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Idea No. 1396