Department of Education

Housing Management Assitant

I am a civilian employee for the Air Force. At present, if I want to receive training I have to fly accross the United States. This costs the goverment money for airfare, meals and lodging as well as the training costs involved.

All of my classmates are from other parts of the U.S as well as overseas. My proposal is to incorporate video classroom where I can attend the class from my computer. This happens in the corporate business world every day - why can't it happen for the military. There would be an initial cost but eventually it will save the government billions. They would not have to pay for my airfare, meals and lodging. I would also not miss as much time from work. The normal time I miss from work for a three day class it 5 days. Two of which are for travel, and that's if the flights are on time. I once went to Ohio for a 1 day class! I missed three days of work to attend a class for 1 day. It's time for the military to get up-to-date on their training methods.



Idea No. 17903