Department of Homeland Security

Hotel Spending

The DHS/USCG spends huge amounts of money on providing hotel rooms for deploying the Deployable Operations Group MSST/MSRT units. If you take 50 members of just one unit and deploy them INCONUS and having two to a room that is 25 rooms that the Government has to pay for. If those 25 rooms are $100 dollars a night for a 30 day deployment the total is $75,000 and that is a rough easy number for one unit and there are 10 of these units available for deployment. Now I'm saying that those rooms are just an average of $100 and sometimes those room prices could be $50 a night to $200 - $300 a night depending on room availability for the mission they are deployed to. Some examples would be the DNC/RNC meetings, G-8 or G-20 Summits, Superbowls. Usually the cheaper hotels and rooms are gone long before the assigned unit/units receive the "GO" orders. Now you can do the math and see how much that cost for the DHS/USCG could be inflated to. Also you must keep in mind that a 50 member deployed team could be bumped up to 100+ people or dropped down to 25 depending on the mission and the area that needs to be secured. These units are flexible, but the number 50 is a good round number for me to get my point across. The simplest way to fix this large amount of spending is to get large ARMY style tents and cots just like the DOD Branches have. It would add the benefit of portable lodging to the deployment outfit/packages that these units offer without costing the USCG/DHS and the taxpayers a huge amount of money that doesn't need to be spent every time they deploy. Sure the initial cost for equipping these units with these items might be expensive but it would save large amounts of Government dollars almost immediately after one or two deployments.



Idea No. 3996