Department of Homeland Security

Hotel Desks and Sixty Percent Telework

I suggest that federal agencies mandate that all administrative staff people who do not need to maintain large physical files and who do not need to be physically on the premises of their workplaces (such as members of the Chief Information Officer's, Chief Financial Office's, and Acquisition work forces) be placed on alternating 3/2 schedules (i.e., one week they telework 3 days and are in the office for 2 days, and the next week they telework 2 days and are in the office for 3 days). (Because of manager resistance to employee teleworking, it would need to be mandated rather than at the manager’s option, unless the employee clearly needs a high level of supervision.) Employees with opposing work schedules can then share desks. Teleworking employees who are called to the office for meetings will stay in the office only for the duration of the meetings. This will cut down on the amount of space each agency needs to rent, on travel subsidy costs, and on electricity costs.

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