Executive Office of the President

Homeless Empowerment Centers

With the rise of unemployment and thousands of Americans living on the streets, I think the government could save costs by creating a program very similar to the CCC (Circa 1933-1944) that will use existing housing areas and create large centers whose sole purpose is to give homeless Americans of all ages a place to sleep, eat, learn and work. The centers will provide food, water, housing and medical care to help get these poor people back on their feet. By assisting with learning a trade, teaching proper hygiene and personal care we can help get these people back into the work force. Best of all, the members will all be finger printed and identified to help them reconnect with family members and support groups. These centers will help lower the cost we spend on medical care, drug rehab, and civilian lawyer services and help empty rooms in jails that are over run with people just trying to find a warm place to sleep. The centers will be located away from major metropolitan areas and transport will be free to get to the centers. Even though this requires an initial cost, with all the closed military bases and other urban areas, there is plenty of room available to make long term financial changes. This can help boost our workforce and create new jobs within the program. The CCC was a huge success and I believe this program would be the same if built and run properly.

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