Department of Defense

Home power economics

When dealing with a high energy bill at home most people will start turning things off if they are not used, such as the lights, computers, stereos, and entertainment systems.

Turn off the lights. Most government facilities do not run 24x7. Usually people are at work from around 6am to 6pm. that leaves 6pm to 6am where lights are on throughout the building. I know that the office space lights are usually turned off, but if the hallway lights can be turned off as well it would save additional costs.

For those concerned with security, install motion sensors that will turn on the hallway or office lights if someone enters within the sensors range. It would be easy for security personnel to identify if someone has been down a hallway because the lights are on.

Even during the day the hallway lights do not need to be illuminated unless there is someone in the hallway. I understand that proper lighting provides for a better work area, but people do not work in the hallway, so they can be turned off when vacant.

Lets just employ some basic home power economics that you would use in your own home. If it is not used, turn it off.



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