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Hold Business Partners Accountable for Services Provided

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A guy walking around with his hand down his pants, belching, and complaining that he was too old to move heavy stuff as he dropped a box marked “FRAGILE” . . . That is what the Army got when they hired a local company for a PCS move.


A rental car agent asking “why do you care, it isn’t your money?” . . . That was the response to a complaint that I was being charged too much for a car while traveling on official Government business.


I would not do personal business with these companies based on what I know now, but I am required to when conducting business for the DoD.


Companies that hold contracts with, and take payment from the Federal Government (or its employees) should be held accountable for the goods and services they provide. Their mistakes and poor customer service are costly to the government. In the first example above, the Army was responsible for reimbursement of property that was damaged by the careless movers, in addition to the time consuming administrative costs of filing and following up on claims. The rental car company could have significantly overcharged the Government, and the agent did not see that that was a problem. These are two basic examples of unnecessary costs incurred by the Government because of its business partners.


I propose a feedback mechanism (website) for Government employees to rate companies they interact with while conducting official Government business. If an appropriate satisfaction level is not achieved, the Federal Government should consider not doing business with the company until they can remedy their business practices. This will force companies to value the business they receive from the Government, and not treat the Government as a guaranteed source of income.

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