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Hiring of younger employees, fresh grads

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Allign hiring practies with private industry to compete for the best new grads, younger employees. The younger generation is not necessarily looking for a guaranteed lifetime employment, but for learning opportunities, challenging work, and career mobility. Even if an employee comes with the expection to stay only for a few years, as is common in industry, such an outlook should be welcomed and not the "we don't care about you if you're just gonna leave us" attitude. Also provide more funding for academic degrees related to the employee's field (provides a bigger picture of best practices, new things we can try for the agency), not just agency-specific administrative training. Provide meaningful assignments that enable employee development, really get younger employees involved in the work with substantial responsibilities. Recruit from private schools as well as public schools, while I understand the argument for supporting public education, the best of the best are not ONLY found at public schools. The infusion of new ideas, energy, and recruiting for "the best of the best" to create a "culture of excellence" will ensure enough high-quality recruits enter government to balance out those who will eventually leave for other organizations, which is bound to happen anyway.

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