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Hire unemployed recent law school graduates for Contracting Jobs

There are significant numbers of recent law school graduates who are unemployed and facing a significant debt load. These are bright men and women who have a strong aptitude for the contracting and acquisition field. With minimal additional training, these enterprising people will be able to jump into the contracting and acquisition roles and significantly reduce the cost of mismanaged acquisitions and relieve the crisis-level shortage of governement employees in the Contracting field.


With a modest pay grade, health insurance, and the realistic opportunity to move into more senior positions over time, a program to integrate recent law school graduates into this field would be very well received.


ABA approved law schools must report graduate employment rates to a variety of agencies, with private "rankings" companies using this data in order to compare schools to one another. I feel confident that law schools would implement a government-approved course in contracting and/or acquisitions, at their expense (since it would help their post-graduation employment numbers/ranking).


By way of illustration, there are currently many recent law school graduates competing for very few positions, many of which pay in the $30,000 to $40,000 range. Despite a widely-held belief that all lawyers are paid highly and work in fancy law firms, there is a large contingent with a six-figure student loan debt who would gladly accept a position that would further their legal/analytical skills and minimize the stigma attached to being unemployed for a lengthy amount of time.



Idea No. 1487