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High Effiency Hand Dryers

High Efficiency hand dryers should be required by all federal agencies in order to save significant amounts of money on janitorial services contracts as well as maintain compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act. The use of automatic hand dryers can significantly reduce the amount of paper towels used in public restrooms, which can lead to significant reductions in operating cost, waste, and the overall impact to the environmental. Plus, the entire process of manufacturing, delivering, and deposing of paper towels needlessly consumes tremendous amounts of foreign oil that ultimately cost the government more money than is necessary and poses a threat to our national security.


Older warm air hand dryers took a considerable about of time to work, e.g. approximately 40 seconds or longer. New modern hand dryers work in as little as 12 seconds and uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers. The company Dyson reports that its product the Air Blade is 42.3x more cost efficient than using paper towels.


With respect to health, Ansari, Springthorpe, Sattar, Tostowaryk, and Wells (1991) reported that, “Irrespective of the hand-washing agent used, electric air drying produced the highest and cloth drying the lowest reduction in the number of both test organisms”. Although difficult to quantify, the use of hand dryers may also contribute to health care savings.



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