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Department of Justice

Here is an idea

How about we put the government backin the hands of the people. Go back to constitutional values where the federal government had a very specific very FEW powers and areas or responsibility. Lets eliminate the departments that are doing nothing but waisting money, the IRS, EPA, Department of labor, department of education, department of energy, etc. Lets consolidate the agencies that do the same thing, BOP, USMS, ATF, FBI, etc. Lets just have one Department of justice with different ares where you work. Not only would this reduce redundant jobs, but since everything is all in one agency communication would be as fast as someone typed into a computer.


And why do we need to print out inmate rosters every single night? We print off an alphabetical roster and a bed roster. Each one is usally 3-4 pages long. We print it off even when there where no bed changes and no inmates were lost or gained during that day. Why not just print one off if there is an actual change in the roster.



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