Department of Health and Human Services

Healthy Federal employees: Changing habits and lifestyles

Good nutrition starts from home (and at the office too!!). We need to encourage our own staff to eat more fruits, vegetables and increase their water intake during office hours. Making fruits and vegetables accessible for our staff increases the chances of improving their nutritional habits and lifestyle. This means that the government workforce could improve their efficiency at work (i.e., less time off work due to illnesses and better work performance) and become healthier (i.e., preventing chronic diseases).

Every department, branch, division or group of people can establish a convenient and organized schedule to ensure a steady and accessible supply of fresh goods at work. Members of these organized groups will buy from their local supermarket or farmers’ market a stock of preferably seasonal fruits and/or vegetables for their assigned week and make them available in a fruit basket, located strategically for everyone on the floor (e.g., break rooms). The rotating schedule will allow everyone participate on this incentive.

People will be encouraged to start eating healthier and adopting healthier lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from it!!


Potential benefits on increasing fruits, vegetables and water intake:


• Preventing many chronic diseases in personnel


• Increasing efficiency on workforce (e.g., less fatigue during working hours)


• Preventing sick leave related to nutritional factors meaning saving money in health care cost and time off work


• Replicating initiative in other venues (e.g., home, school and communities)


• Supporting local farmers’ market and local products


• Creating a social space for people (e.g., better work environment)

• Supporting other healthy life style programs (e.g., let’s move program)



Idea No. 18170