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Health care costs too much: address the underlying cause

There has been so much debate about "health care reform", by which is meant requiring everyone to buy health insurance, but no one appears to be looking deeper to find out WHY health care costs so much in the first place. Instead of trying to force every American (and/or the government on their behalf) to buy policies that enrich the insurance companies to enrich the doctors without ever questioning the outrageous amounts being demanded for said care, perhaps it is time to find out where doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, malpractice insurance agencies, etc. are overcharging. Does an aspirin really cost $50 if it is administered in a hospital? Perhaps it is time to investigate the underlying causes of sky-high health care costs and address them more directly, so that the price itself of health care could be brought down to reasonable levels that ordinary Americans coud actually afford to pay out-of-pocket. We waste so much time and spill so much ink quibbling about who is going to pay these astronomical bills, while never questioning why those bills are so astronomical to begin with and how to bring them down to a sane level.


The problem, as I see it, is not so much that people don't have enough health insurance, as it is that health care is so expensive people currently have to buy insurance to pay for it.



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