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Health Time for Federal Employees

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My proposal is simple: Allow Federal workers to charge up to 3 hours per week to exercise. On the surface, this would amount to 7.5% of lost worker productivity, but that is based on an incorrect assessment of productivity - that each employee gives 100% for 40 hours per week. We all know that’s not true.

It's pretty simple - if you feel better, you work more efficiently on a daily basis. On top of that, if you are healthy you take less sick days and your total health care costs are lower. The lost 7.5% of productivity would easily be recouped over a short period of time.

People want to be healthy, what they really need is the incentive to exercise. A little push in the right direction could save tax payers millions in bloated health care costs, markedly increase federal worker efficiency, and provide a valuable example to the rest of the US workforce.

At some point we, in the United States, need realize that just talking about leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t providing the necessary results. This simple proposal could be the catalyst to a new and better tomorrow for all of us.

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