General Services Administration

Health Care Reform

This addresses an American physician shortage, high unemployment of well educated citizens, the need for cost effective medical care for Americans and the inability of many to pay for graduate tuition costs. Each medical school and college that receives any financial aid, should be required to make a certain allotment of classroom seats available to citizens admitted as civilian-government medical students. Those students would be citizens who can score well on the MCAT's or other medical school entrance examinations (or comparable pre-med exams) and who are willing to enter into a school and civilian service agreement. The agreement would provide that school and housing related costs (as well as a year by year elimination of any other school loans and deferment while training) would be completely deferred while attending and "free" to the citizen (without income tax for being "free") after they completed the established number of years serving as a doctor for the government public health clinics. They would be required to attend classes, training, internships and agree to serve as a doctor in the government provided free public health clinics(for a 5-7year "payback" period at a civil servant salary), that would be established in all states. This would provide health care providers, a source of health care for citizens and a medical education that a good number of capable citizens can not afford, would be willing to complete and the cost of which could be funded by seat set asides by these institutions already subsidized by the government and by possibly a supporting tax on the insurers who have made profits at the expense of the premiums paid by all of us. All physician/medical specialties could be addressed, even Veterinarians. Education should be available/affordable for all who can test as capable of completing the education, period. The public can use the services of the clinics when they have no insurance coverage or insufficient coverage.



Idea No. 6363