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Have you seen any changes?

I continue to see on the news about how much is being cut, but I have not seen any changes. I do believe the amount of waste is simply annoying, but I have not read anything in my agency about any real cuts or changes to improve the way we operate.


The real incentive to improve the way we operate does not seem to be very important.

I have attended speeches at large hotels with over 200 hundred employees that are forced to show up to listen to someone from Headquarters talk about staffing and a few other items. The 200 plus employees present could be doing real work . I am not sure how much the hotel ball room cost, but I am sure it was not cheap.


I do believe that the real changes should take place locally and then if it works then try it throughout the field office and then on a national basis. I believe the key would be to get the best in the private sector and the federal side and find out how they improved efficiency and productivity. I also believe the workplace should be fun. If you look at the most productive companies like Google they make it fun and people want to work there.


I hear a lot of people talk about how much money they make, but rarely see anything inspirational come from them. I do believe with a few changes we can save a lot of money, improve productivity, create a better workplace, and have a better quality of life.



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