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Have DMOs book the extra seats on Military/Charter flights

Currently, Military Air Terminals release extra seats on chartered aircraft. Distribution Management Offices don't see these extra seats and aren't required to check with the terminals to see if they are available. So they just book passengers out using commercial airlines. If DMOs and their closest air terminal (often on the same base) just coordinate, DMOs can send TAD/TDY and even PCS passengers to the terminals for port booking. We have direct flights flying partially full/empty back to their home stations after finishing their military missions. These seats could easily be given to DMO to place passengers against and then the terminals can port book them the day prior to departure. Many of these flights are by Civil Reserve Aircraft so putting passengers on their partially filled aircraft doesn't violate existing agreements. Additionally, using organic (military) aircraft when their are no existing U.S. carriers available doesn't violate agreements. Given the benefit of moving permanent change of station passengers directly between duty stations, changing the regulations to let them hop on organic (military) flights on a Space-Required basis that just happen to be heading that way with seats open makes changing regulations and law worthwhile. As it is we book passengers commercial, on non-US carriers, via round about routing, rather than just letting them hop on a military flight that's mission complete and headed home with empty seats.



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