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Handicapped access

From: Brunskill, Gisela R.

Sent: Friday, July 29, 2011 1:01 PM

To: Valdez Newton, Pauline, VBAMPI; Cahill, William

Cc: Brunskill, Gisela R.

Subject: Handicapped access on Martinez campus


Dear Cahill and Dr. Valez,

I realize that you remain away from the Martinez campus but I wanted to share a safety issue with your that has the potential to be costly if we are fined for this violation to the national laws pertaining to handicapped access.


As you know we started having open bar-be-que on Thuresday for employees , family, and CREC patients. We all enjoy the food and eating has become social for the campus as a whole which has improved moral and the unity of the campus as a whole.


The problem is the door leading from the cafeteria to the patio where we have the bar-be-que is not handicapped accessible. This is a clear violation of laws pertaining to access and carries a large fine . Even more concerning are the vets placed at risk each week in wheel chairs that get stuck trying to access this event from an assisted care facility that should protect them, many in wheelchairs.



1) Move the bar-be-que to the patio that has handicapped access immediately to prevent law suits till the door can be brought up to code so that all can continue this event.

Cost savings: large as the cost of litigation and the fine incurred would be huge



Gisela Brunskill RN, MSN, FNP

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