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Department of Defense

HIRING FREEZE for ALL Federal Agencies

***Within DoD and across ALL Federal Agencies, implement a hiring FREEZE.***This will force all Agencies to do more with less and will also require all levels of management to become player coaches. By definition, and through sheer need, process improvements through Lean Six Sigma will become a reality within the Federal Government. As personnel leave the Agency or retire (normal attrition), they will NOT be replaced. Each operating unit will have to promote from within and do the best they can with what they have. This is not unlike what the defense industry has done in the past ,when the Government contracts have dried up. My background is over 30 years complying with sometimes onerous Government property management Federal regulations. At a major defense contractor, I had a leadership role in a department of 65 managing Government and company property. Due to downsizing and extensive layoffs, our staff was reduced to 6 individuals. Through the use of process improvements, and the Lean and Six Sigma tool set, we were able to get the job done with less personnel and still be in compliance with all Government regulations. Believe me-- I have seen this happen first hand!! It really works!!



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