Department of Homeland Security


We can stream line overlapping law enforcement functions/jurisdictions, and save money, have a higher amount of productivity and utilization of resources,a stronger more defined mission, and a stronger more supportive Chain of Command adherant to the Criminal Law Enforcement mission. This will be accomplished by consolidating the criminal law enforcement functions of the underutillized,misappropriated "orphan" positions such as the Customs & Border Protection Enforcement Officer to the ICE HSI section and lateralling the existing CBP Enforcement Officers to ICE HSI.The CBP Enforcement Officer position is a 6c Law Enforcement covered position that is misclassified under the 1895 CBP Officer Inspectional Series. By streamlining, consolidating criminal enforcement functions to ICE HSI which has a more complete, defined, and concentrated mission in regards to the Criminal Investigative dutJurisdiction in which they preside over. By ICE augmenting their HSI Division with the former and newly lateralled CBPO Enforcement Officers under their jurisdiction they would extend productivity of employees that under CBP are restrained and forced to investigate a very narrow number of crimes: 18 USC 1544,18 USC 1546. Under the jurisdiction of ICE HSI, these employees would expand their usefulness by investigating a much vast and varied amount of criminal statutes, therefore becoming more productive and less restrained for the tax dollars that congress has appropriated towards their use and function. The use of their current CBP Enforcent Officer position is underutillized and misappropriated. The examples are such as : A good majority of CBP LEO Enfocement Officers that are under the 6c retirement provisions under Title 5 USC are obligated by Law to conduct investigations as their primary function. This fuction is being negated by CBP management that does not understand or properly utillize the functions, and the reasons for the existence of the CBPO Enforcementy Position.



Idea No. 16898