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Grievance Handling

A unliked subject by many however unions and dissagreements between employees and management is not going away. Lets put the ROOT CAUSE for alot not all of the problems is in mgmt's court. Differences in their interpretations often cause conflicts that result in costly management of Information Request, Grievances and even more costly arbitration cases. In our campus alone there are over 1,000 filed annually. There are also 2,000 settled informally and over 500 that must go to all 3 steps of the process. There are also about 1,000 oral replies for more serious disaplinary issues. Many of these are valid however and because mgmt followed the rules nothing happens. In a large majority of the cases mgmt missed something and these cases do little more than waste valuable time for both parties. This is all calculated at one CAMPUS. There are many campuses and offsite locations that at least have this many. I would estimate a total around 10,000 to 15,000 a year. I suggest that at any point NTEU and/or the agency should be able to pass these to the FREE FEDERAL MEDIA services and get a determination that both the Union and Mgmt agree they will accept.



Idea No. 13261