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Green the Workplace to Save Energy, Resources & Money

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Many small steps would save energy, paper and resources, and ultimately millions of dollars. We need U. S. Gov guidelines, training and education to insure that every U. S. employee:

1. Minimizes printing of documents

2. Prints & copies using both sides of the paper where printing is necessary

3. Adjusts thermostats higher in summer and lower in winter to specific guidelines

4. Turns off lights, or better yet, install automatic shut off switches on every light switch possible


In addition to establishing these guidelines it will be necessary to have mandated training that includes educating ALL U. S. GOVERNEMENT WORKERS on the waste we generate with unnecssary paper and energy waste, and the magnitude of the savings we could have if we all acted consciously to improve on these little things. The training could be a short but effective 15 minute computer video that everyone watches, and then signs a committment to the energy savings plan.

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