Department of Energy

Green Trash Disposal for Federal Buildings

Recently I came upon a green way to dispose trash that may help the federal government save money on tipping fees (hauling, disposal, and landfills costs), while helping to generate supplemental electricity and heat for its buildings. There is already a new technology called the Green Energy Machine (GEM), which each unit can process 3 tons of trash daily (wood, paper, cardboard, plastics, food, and agricultural materials) to provide the energy to power and heat a 200,000 square-foot building housing more than 500 people. Unlike some waste-to-energy technologies where trashes are incinerated, releasing harmful carbon emission into the air as a byproduct. The GEM can cut down annual greenhouse gas emissions by up to 1,090 tons when replacing landfill usage and coal-derived energy, since it uses thermal technologies through the process of gasification. First the trash are thoroughly shredded, dried, pelletized, and then gasified into energy, which are piped into an electrical generator or boiler for use. Nonetheless, I think this new technology can be implemented in certain locales where space is not an issue, while it can also be a long term goal for greener building standards for the federal government in the future.



Idea No. 7578