Department of Energy

Green Savings and Rewards



I built a house in 2007 and installed a rainwater sytem to provide water for toilets, wash machines and my garden wich is supplies by a 8000 liter underground tank. I also installed a wood-pellet heating system which is a renewable energy and is cheaper and cleaner than natural gas or fuel oil. Lastly, I installed solar-electric panels on the roof that feed electricity back into the power grid.


This saves the community money by using less water, using less natural gas and fuel oil, and providing cheap electricity back into the grid to help decrease the load on the power companies.


All of this amounts to savings that could be rewarded by giving a one-time monetary subsidy to help defray the costs of the purchase of the systems I have mentioned. The overall savings to the country over a ten year period in energy costs would be in the hundreds of billions.



Idea No. 12050