Legislative Branch

Government as a Business: Productivity and Efficiency

Of course, the Government is a composite of several agencies, departments, organizations and councils that operate under various mandates to more or less execute the business of service, legislation, regulation and enforcement.


Part of what makes the Government inefficient, and so costly, is its size. As before Government is not unified and the goals of the parts are not the goal of the whole.


Simply, the idea is more of a policy one: run the goverment more like a business. Increase productivity and profit margins (as available). Get rid of all unnecessary regulations (what are the costs against the benefits? If it costs too much, there should be a strong non-political considerations of long-term effects and consequences) and unnecessary administrative bloat (how many positions are created just to take care of administrative paperwork?). Train and retain competent multi-talented employees (if you're the head of some agency or even a unit, you should know how to actually do/evaluate/organize the work) that work hard but efficiently. It is nice to be equal opportunity, but we don't want just bodies we want people who get the job done efficiently (they can then be well paid for work they actually do, as opposed to what they think they deserve because they are "public servants"). The result is a smaller, leaner government that is more efficient and better able to actually carry out its various missions and mandates.



Idea No. 2881