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I am a big believer that technology enhances everything we do and because technology is evolving so extremely quickly these days, the government needs to be using these tools to streamline our processes.


After becoming a federal employee, I was shocked to learn that not only does it sometimes take months to get new software and hardware approved, but that the same software had already been approved for other agencies. This is redundant and wasteful. I would like a government "app store" to be created. Computer software should be centrally approved for government use and then placed in the "app store”. Use of certain software could then be decided locally based on budget and logistical matters without extra technological constraints.


If there is new software that I would like to use that is not in the “App store”, I could send it in for approval and then it would be available to all agencies. This process could also create a venue for vendors to offer their products digitally at a reduced price instead of with more expensive hard copies which have to be shipped. It would help the government be more nimble and allow employees to be more creative by enabling them to have easier access to technology and to see what tools other agencies are using. The app store could act similarly to the Apple model with software ratings and comments on how the software has helped other agencies.

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